ZXP Series 3 Printer

Print one or both sides with high-quality, consistent, color or monochrome images for a variety of applications including ID and access control cards, and personalized gift, membership and loyalty cards.


ZC 10L Printer

Used for:

  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Festivals


ZC 300 Series Printer

Used for:

  • Employee Badges
  • Education Identification & Facility Access Badges
  • Events and Season Passes
  • Food Safety Labeling
  • Membership Cards
  • Guest and Passenger Cards
  • Bank Cards


    ZXP Series 9

    Re-Transfer Printer

    Used for:

    • Government IDs & cards
    • ID and Access Control
    • Student and Staff ID and Access Control
    • Membership and Loyalty Cards
    • Gaming and Entertainment